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Jackie - WriterLife certainly threw numerous hardships my way from a very early age.

My earliest memories were of severe domestic violence as my father had an undiagnosed mental illness. When I was eight, my mother after years of beatings left him and took myself, my two younger siblings and my grandmother with her. A short time afterwards my father murdered her and took his own life. My siblings, grandmother and I witnessed this horrific event.

My grandmother was given custody of the three of us but she was highly traumatised. She developed breast cancer and I became her carer. She had lost the will to live and when I was ten she lost her battle to cancer. I adored my grandmother and her passing left me feeling utterly alone.

We were then raised by my Father’s family which was far from ideal. I was subjected to beatings and encountered more domestic violence and abuse until I left home, aged twenty two.

It has been a long and difficult journey to healing. While I became highly functioning and had a very positive outlook on life to the outside world, in reality I had severe Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD).

As children we received no counselling so I had shocking flashbacks for almost thirty years after the events. I was plagued with deep bouts of depression. I often felt hopeless and despairing. On the outside I appeared fine and most people would have considered me to be successful in my life. The reality was vastly different.

Inside I was incredibly stuck and found it hard to move forward and achieve the goals I had set for myself. Although my circumstances had changed dramatically and I had a good life, inside I was still simply surviving and I was weighed down by struggle.

I will never pretend that going through these events was easy or that I haven’t suffered greatly because of my experiences. That would just be a lie… I have managed to find my way out of most of the darkness and I’m extremely passionate about using my experiences to help others heal.

My experiences have made me a very empathetic and compassionate Therapist. My clients don’t know my history but they often tell me that they feel I really understand their pain and I do.

While I work with clients presenting all sort of issues such as depression, anxiety, addictions, poor self -esteem, body issues etc. I specialise in working with those who have been traumatised or abused in one way or another.

Many people believe that “trauma” is some extreme or catastrophic event. This is not the case. Prolonged neglect, bullying, being ridiculed or put down or humiliated in front of others can lead to severe emotional distress, so the brain treats them in the same way as “traumatic” events. Chemicals, including adrenaline, are released in the nervous system. Unlike other everyday events which don’t carry a strong emotional charge, the brain stores or encodes these experiences and they become trapped in our nervous systems causing us to relive the experiences over and over again.

I have studied trauma for many years and have an acute interest in understanding the Neuroscience and Neurobiology of what happens to both the brain and the body in trauma so that I can help my clients at a deeper level.

I can only help a handful of clients at any one time as a Therapist in private practice. Therefore I have taken my love of writing and I am currently working on my autobiography which is titled “When Dusk Kills Dawn – Healing from emotional and psychological trauma”.

My intention with writing this book is to reach a wider audience. By sharing my story with you about my own journey of healing, my hope is that you will not feel so alone in your own pain and suffering. My aim is to provide you with hope that you too can see your way out of the darkness and that with the right support you can heal.

I am passionate too about going out into the community and speaking about Trauma. My experience is that Trauma is a very misunderstood concept. Those who have experienced trauma in any shape or form and are struggling to let it go are often treated with judgement and criticism.

To fully heal from trauma is not as simple as “getting over it” or letting it go. This belief stems from ignorance and a lack of education from those around us who are either denying their own pain or simply can’t understand the pain you are experiencing.

My role as a speaker is to educate and inform communities what trauma is really like and how it impacts us emotionally, physically, spiritually for years after the events are over. As a speaker I want people to know it is not some imaginary force holding us back but our own bodies, brain and nervous systems that keep us trapped.

With the right professional support, like me you too can heal. These days trauma is widely recognised and there is ample information about the long lasting effects of trauma by the world’s leading experts on the subject. So don’t wait- you can begin your journey to healing right now.

Thanks for visiting my site. I’m glad you’re here. Let me know if I can help you in anyway. If you’re afraid to reach out I encourage you to take the first step and reach out to me. I’m only an email away at jackie@jacquelinenugara.com

Love, Jackie


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