“I actually don’t know what to say except…… WOW! (I have tears streaming down my face).

I don’t think I have ever read anything that provokes so much emotion in me in only 15 pages. I want to read more!! This will be a best seller, and then a movie I can feel it.

Seriously, I know it’s unedited but honestly I think it’s brilliant. I especially loved the way you started it – the prologue. Makes me want to print out all the comments about ‘getting over it’ etc. etc. and make Christmas cards out of it and post to all my family… maybe then they could begin to understand what living with trauma is like. And from this point alone, I think your book will do wonders in bringing more light, awareness, understanding and empathy to that which is still taboo and ignorantly misunderstood by most people.

I know you haven’t finished it yet, and still a big journey ahead but….. THANK YOU soooo much for being so brave in writing this. If someone had written a book like this year’s ago, it may have helped me cope and be understood.”




Firstly, thank you for sharing this glimpse into your life and what it looked like for you as a little girl of 8, 9, and 10. I felt as though I was right in the middle of your story; seeing, feeling, experiencing it all. The swirl of heartbreak, confusion, numbness, the grief, pain, moments of relief and hope…

Which leads me to secondly, wow wow WOW!

You have done a fantastic job of taking an intense topic and delivering it in a way that is vivid, eye-opening, touching, sobering, and overall impactful to the reader. You have a beautiful command of words and you write with a natural flow. In fact, I think your voice as you write is both conversational and gentle, all the while being honest and forthcoming. Given the subject matter and what you are intending to communicate, all of this seems like a perfect match.



I read your book this morning… it is an undoubtable winner. You write with such compelling authenticity…you are so courageous.. I am so blessed to have met you and really want to do anything I can to support you on this journey.




“the read…first impression… wow it is fantastic !!!! I mean it … had me in complete tears…and totally engrossed seriously…now I’m confident to say it’s not because of my personal connection to you either (of course that stirred my emotions) but I am certain I would of been completely moved even if I had bought it from Dymocks and am also sure it would be one of those reads that I would not be able to put down and would read the entire book well into the wee hours just to finish it.



Dear Jackie,

You have captured the story in an amazing way and not only are you brave to tell it and in such a captivating honest raw way, by doing so you will not only help your inner self but help others too, this is not a story this is a life lesson which you are willing to share, you really have made me very proud of you and if you don’t find a publisher, we need to look at forming some sort of company and raising funds to enable us to publish these words !!!!




I’ve just read the chapter from your book and it has left me speechless and with a lump in my throat. The way you describe the event really put me there and I felt like I could feel the confused little girl inside me. I just wanted to keep reading to find out what happens next but the chapter ended.

It made me feel that I wanted to hug that little girl and just let her cry and to cry with her. Oh Jackie, what a terrible experience.

The first chapter really does pull you in and it has left me wanting to read more. I truly hope you decide to publish this book as this is a moving story to tell.



My Dear Jackie,

I could not stop reading! I read it all in one go from beginning to end. What can I say, where can I start?

I find it so beautiful… I am just so amazed, lifted, completely taken by your courage and your strength… and your openness to share all this you have written.

I admire you SO much for doing this; and I want to say, I am so deeply touched, moved, so very honoured and grateful to have been given this gift. Believe me when I say this is a great gift… tears well up in my eyes when I say this.

Thank you SO much for sharing this with me, I really cherish this with all my heart. I am very grateful and very happy for the simple fact that I have met you and that you are a part of my life. YOU are beautiful and wonderful…

And yes, I cried heaps… at moments I forgot this was you and just got into the story, but then I would stop and think of you as I know you now, and realise “This is Jackie’s story” and would get really emotional … Thanks so much again!! I look forward to read the rest…

I loved something you said and I am going to use it as one of my email signature quotes:

“Even in overwhelming sadness there is magic within”

This is so true… oh Jackie… I am so touched … I really am… Thank you!!



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